Thursday, May 1, 2008

Chicano Legend Santana!!

I couldn’t write about Chicano music with out mentioning Carlos Santana. He is one of the best guitarists ever! A true role model for all Chicanos and musicians alike. It makes no difference that he is Mexican, he attracts audiences of all kind. Santana has collaborated with many different types of artists to compose amazing songs. He shows that music has no boundaries; no matter what subdivision of the American culture you belong to I’m sure that you can appreciate that talent that Santana possesses. Some of my favorite songs that he has done are, Maria Maria and Into The Night, with Chad Kroeger, which is one of the best songs that I have ever hear. Carlos Santana shows that race doesn’t matter when it comes to music. His music, I believe can be appreciated by any culture.

This is definitely worth looking into. If there is anyone who doesn’t like Santana’s music I’d really like to know. Here’s a Link..

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