Tuesday, April 29, 2008


This new Puerto Rican Group called NG2 is taking the Latin Tropical Airplay by storm. Tropical music falls in the same genre of Salsa. This new group has been able to attain a spot in the top 10 of the Latin Billboards. These young guys seem to have that 'sizzle' that we have been craving for. They are known as the "sons of the grand combo" because one of them, Gerardo Rivas is the son of the famous Jerry Rivas another Salsa singer. So, not only is his father a huge artist in this genre but he carries the gene that has made him so successful. These two guys are young and full of energy, which is exactly what is needed in this style of music. All of Latin America is in love with them and also people here in the US, that love good Salsa music.

This video that is posted is from NG2 performing in Miami in huge festival that is held every year called, "La Calle 8" (8th st).


NG2 Ella menea ( She moves)

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