Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Chicano/Latino Music

Mexicans Americans have always struggled with their identity. We call ourselves Mexican because our parents were born in Mexico, but when we go to Mexico the people there don’t see us as Mexican. We call ourselves American because we were born here but this society categorizes us as Mexican because of our skin color and language. So a new culture was crated, “Chicanos.” Along with this culture came a new lifestyle and a new form of music. Hip-Hop, Reggeton, and Chicano Rap are some examples of Mexican American and Latino Music.

What draws Mexicans and Latinos to this music is the rhythm of traditional Spanish music and the mixing of the Spanish and English language. The music incorporates both sides of our identity and gives us something that belongs to us. With all the uncertainties of who we are the feeling of having something of our own is very important. “Spainglish” is the term that is used to describe going back and forth from Spanish to English. It is used a lot in Reggeton, hip-hop and Chicano Rap. Latino 96.3 is my favorite radio station that plays Chicano music. In future posts I will go into detail about different artists and their music. Artists Like Wisin y Yandel, Daddy Yankee and Tony Dize.

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