Thursday, May 1, 2008

Does music define “who you are” or does “who you are” define the type of music you listen to?

One of the main objectives of our blog was to discuss what it is that attracts a person to listen to the music that they do. I believe that it is part of one identity, the music that they feel expresses who they are. When your music plays and you get chills, you feel can feel it inside you. Sometimes it causes you to let out your emotions, by yelling or singing along and other time you just consume the emotion of the singer. I don’t believe that music has a huge affect on who you are or your attitude. I believe that who you are and how you feel attracts one to listen to the music that they listen to. Which is why sometimes one is in the mood to listen to different things.

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Anonymous said...

I agree consumers ultimately decide how music influences their own lifesstyles